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Companies are always learning organisations. The question is: what is learned? When working with me, optimism, creativity, respect, holistic, solution-oriented and systemic thinking are always in the foreground. I’m happy to address your problem areas. And all of this worldwide, if necessary.

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When working with me, these qualities will be added on top!

Quality Management

Through my auditing activities for the manufacturing industry, I very quickly see irregularities and recognise the risk involved. Striving for quality in all areas is the best strategy for long-term success. Actively face your problems, because there is a solution for everything. It does not matter whether these problems are high sickness rates, high fluctuation rates, lack of employee qualifications, product or service quality. Increased quality awareness changes everything.

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Coaching & Mentoring

By understanding the concerns of colleagues, I can support the dialogue and communication between the parties involved, establish a clear division of responsibilities and promote self-organization. This creates added value and customer benefit.