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Solution & Execution-oriented

Owner & Managing Director

Stefan Lobmeyer

In addition to analytical thinking, clarity, overview and awareness when making decisions, you will benefit from my motivation, energy and enjoyment of my work. Completing tasks on your own initiative and developing and implementing quantitative and qualitative goals with your colleagues are just some of the skills you can expect when working with me.
A pronounced cost awareness and extensive business management knowledge complete my profile. See for yourself.


Crisis Management
Risk Management
Management Consulting
Strategy Consulting
Company Analyses
Change Management
Interim Management


Vision and Strategy Development
Goal Definition
Management Development
Extensive knowledge of methods in many areas
Corporate Culture

My Success factors

This is how I can ensure your success in the long term:

My work is comparable to a liberation from what burdens you, your team and your company. This results in potentials that have just been waiting to be discovered. Among other things, I eliminate waste, hidden costs, internal policies, inadequate training, inefficient personnel policies and unclear organisational structures. I promote self-organisation, self-management, qualitative growth, cost control, clarity and comprehensibility, employee potential and recognition, customer orientation and success.

Identification & analysis of negative influences on your organisation

Negative influences can exist within the organisation, individual persons or groups. Or they come from suppliers or supply chains that cause difficulties for your organisation and affect your performance. Unclear processes, unmanageable projects and much more can influence your organisation and can have a negative impact on your figures, your colleagues, customer relations and your culture.

Making rigid rules & accustomed order flexible

Change begins where the tried and tested is no longer questioned. Frequently, the market, technology, competition, customer requirements and staff demands have changed and yet the usual order is maintained. This order must be found and adapted to the new requirements in a self-organised way. According to the Kanban principle, it is best to start exactly where you are.

Releasing mindset blockages & focussing on strengths

Often fears, personal needs, egoism, stress or a hectic pace stand in the way of oneself or an entire organisation and one finds oneself in a downward spiral. Hope, courage and a renewed focus on strengths is a very effective way to stop this downward trend and emerge stronger from the crisis.

Improve processes and communication at management level

Leadership sets the direction and should be seen as a role model. If the managers fail to do this and do not move forward together, the team will not do so either. Best of all, leaders, managers, teams and colleagues work together functionally and self-organised within a learning organisation. Efficient procedures and robust processes are the result of excellent cooperation.

This is what I stand for

Vision, Mission & Strategy

shaping the future together!


  • we emerge stronger from crises
  • we work preventively to avoid crises
  • we generate value
  • we strive for tolerance and respect
  • we are responsible for our mindset
  • we are worthy to aim for the best
  • we learn that every employee has strengths and can make a valuable contribution
  • we learn that work is based on value

together we achieve more by

  • installing lean principles and total quality management
  • showing strength in crises and working solution-oriented
  • carrying and inspiring leadership in companies
  • preventing risks through data analysis and interpretation
  • programming mindsets and corporate cultures for long-term success
  • outpacing the competition

moving forward together with the help of

  • visual management
  • working with quality indicators
  • preventive use of risk management tools
  • optimism and recognition
  • audits and quality control loops
  • faith in your own strength and freedom

“We all spend our lives learning. Let’s make a decision in regards to what we want to learn.
I’ve made my decision and I’m at your disposal if you want to clean up.”

Stefan Lobmeyer

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